Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Down to the River

During our Nova Scotian visit, Bree and I decided to walk the dogs down to Sydney River. Our mission, to find koolaid for dying purposes, but that's a whole different story. Be sure to note the giant rose on the doorstep. Classy!

Our walk turned into a 2.5 hour trek. Luckily, no snow here yet so the going was light. We did find koolaid and the dogs were never as tired as when we arrived home. Isn't the way to Sydney River picturesque?

Saturday, November 17, 2007

PT Part Three

Two mornings of the week at 7am I work out with my wonderful trainer S. She kicks my ass both mornings and when we near the end of our one-hour session I begin seeing spots. I'm not sure if this is a good thing so I've started having a bit of toast in the morning to see if it would dampen the blow of blindness. So far it's worked...a little. My carbohydrate intake is way too much in general but it's the only thing I crave post-workout. Supplementing my training with running 3 mornings a week, yoga twice a week and the elliptical once in awhile after work has seen my body doing strange things.

Weight loss has been non-existent as I've been packing on muscle. At my session with S. on Thursday I noticed that my shoulders and biceps were absolutely ripped. Not sure if this was the look I'm actually going for! I can now do a hundred man-style pushups but I mainly do one arm push ups with the half-ball thing as my main point of balance. For the first time in a long time, when I flex my arm muscle there's a lot going on there! My knee is still giving me some trouble, but nothing compared to when I tore it up. It's down to a dull ache after a run, not expanding to three times its natural size.

I've made it a goal this week to not eat out once. Not once. So I've purchased the necessary goods to build healthy lunches and create dinners with the intention of freezing half of it. Traveling a lot for work has made it difficult at the grocery store so I've focused on buying items that'll stay for awhile in the freezer once I cook it up. Coming home to rotting items in the fridge and having to clean them out immediately has not been my idea of a post-red-eye fun activity (I do love crawling straight into bed right after a red-eye. Never has my sleep been so good).

One thing I purchased is a rubber band so that I can continue doing muscle toning in my hotel rooms. Thankfully most hotels include a gym so I've been able to go for a nice run. Running in the Nevada heat was not something I enjoyed thank you very much!

I am looking forward to running in San Francisco next week. I'm there all week so there will be plenty of opportunity to go for a run by the water. Since I plan to be in a bikini in January when I'm back in Vegas I am out of control at the gym!


Tuesday, November 13, 2007


Have you ever had that dream, the one where you are at work and realize that you are naked? Well, that’s exactly how I felt in spin class last night. Kristin and I arrived early, set up our bikes and sat pedalling until the class started. Finally it was 6:00 pm and the hot instructor started the course by introducing himself and welcoming us to the 75 minute spin class. My jaw dropped. 75 FULL MINUTES!!! Now I`ve misread the gym schedule before, but never with such dire consequences. I was sure I would die or embarrass myself by fainting or throwing up. But we stayed. No one fainted, no one died, and no one threw up. Kristin did lose her sight close to an hour in. Luckily she prefers to spin with her eyes closed. We were a bit loopy afterwards but we survived. I attribute our intrepidness mostly to the hot spinning instructor who’s profuse sweating drenched his white shirt in seconds to show off his hot pecs and abs… It was such a nice view, I may even go back next week.


(picture from here)

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Faster Than Katie Holmes

Today I got the following email from a co-worker:

Hey Type-A Lady,
I just read that Ms. Holmes ran the New York Marathon in a time of 5:29:58 min so there!
Have a good day,

Being an hour faster than someone who could probably hire a trainer and nutritionist to prepare for the race made my day!
(Photo taken from here)