Wednesday, June 25, 2008

55 more days

Ok time to get serious here.

Help! I need some serious modivation. I have 55 days left till I'm on a beach in Hawaii. Now I know you're thinking, poor Tara... but really that gives me a solid 2 months to be beach ready. I have read the books. Bought every single solitary magazine on fitness and health. I have gone onto every website that has information on bodybuilding and I know all the equations to find out my proper caloric intakes and deficts. I'm practically a certified diet mathimagician. I know ALL there must be to know about my sought after beach bod. So I guess I've just used the past two months to prepare me and inform myself of what action I need to take for the next 55 days.

hmmm.. can it be done?

Anyone on board with me?

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Pump Up The Volume

or rather... the workout intensity. I just came back from a Cabot Trail trek. T-Dawg and I hiked the Highlands during a camping adventure. Those Acadian settlers must have been ripped after working the land and fishing the seas.