Monday, May 12, 2008

Frisbee Gymnastics

As part of our cardio workout during bootcamp, we will typically play Ultimate Frisbee. We use the length of a football field, and it is usually 3 on 3 so its a whole helluva lot of running around.

We were a little short on bootcampers today and so our game was 2 on 2 - lots of running!

Anyway, I was running full tilt to catch the frisbee, and I suppose the grass was a bit moist and my foot slipped on an exceptionally long stride and somehow I landed in full splits.

Well... there was a loud cracking noise when my groin reached its tipping point (my body's way of saying it isn't supposed to bend that way).

It probably hurt, but I was laughing so hard. I thought this shit only happened in movies?!

Hopefully I can walk tomorrow.... my current pain level is about a 6.

- Brianne

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Gonna Dance All Night to This DJ

I've been playing DDR for many years now. I enjoy playing and have upped my skillz like nobody's business. I play so much in fact, I danced right through the mat!!That's right. My feet of lightning cannot be restricted to these simple plastic mats.
Enter... my fiancé's early wedding gift.Yup, metal dance mats. I know you're hella jealous, as you should be. I am now going to be arcade ready in no time. I immediately jumped on and logged another 400 calories in workout mode. I have as of yet to check just how many "miles run" I've put in the DDR games... that'll be my next post!
- Carrice

Thursday, May 8, 2008

You can take my sugar, but you can't take my Starbucks

Here I am. Joining the fight for our right to fit back into our skinny jeans. I actually haven't busted out of my little jeans, yet. It's not a full blow out, however, I will be going to Hawaii in August and my goal is to feel really confident a la bikini. Here's my low down, for those who may not know me or my sob story.

I quite enjoy working out. I just got into instructing at the Goodlife. Like Ali, what I do good for my waistline at the gym, I make up for in drinkies. Which was fine for awhile. But lets face it. I will look alot better sober and kick ass skinny, then winky and silly drunk.

I just finished reading the Eating Clean Diet book, I'm moving onto the workout book in the series. I'm sure this is all stuff I know already, but bah, it's modivation. It's well written and I read each in a night or two. (I have the attention span of a puppy) So Miss Bri, and Ali I'm on board. Detoxes are fun :) But that's not what I'm doing for this week. I do them every 3 months and just did one a month ago so I should probably wait till just before August. So far I've been trying to follow the Clean Eating regime. Easy enough, eat every two-three hours (YAY!) Lots of fresh fruit and veg (cool, i'm good at that) No sugar.....

Do you know how sucky no sugar is. SUCKY! I can do fine for awhile. But what about starbucks? Good god, Lattes suck without their sugary syrupy devils food. Lastnight I tried... I really did. Knitting at the Old Rock.... Ordered their version of an Iced Latte mois syrup. GROSS!! I got them to add more esspresso, in hopes it would add flavour. Still GROSS! Since I don't drink aspertame or splenda (cause I don't feel like tumours or blindness) I had no other option but to add chocolate syrup.... mmmmmm

Brianne you're far tougher than me. I will stear clear of the sugar at all costs, but I draw the line at my Mistos.


Monday, May 5, 2008

Going Strong


When I first started this cleanse I really wasn't sure that I was going to be able to finish it. I was certain that eating this diet would eventually kill me, especially when doing bootcamp 5 days a week!

I have successfully made it through my first weekend - without cheating!

I watched my boyfriend E eat pizza, muffins, bread and other delicious things, and I didn't even flinch. OK that is a lie, I totally sat right next to him and sniffed it. But I didn't touch it!

I watched P drink wine - which wasn't as hard as I thought it would be.

On Friday at bootcamp the drill sergeant brought chocolates and I had to refuse, while everyone else enjoyed Laura Secords.

And this morning, when my roomie A told me that she had "added a few things to her cleanse" I was strong, and resolved that I would not cave. Even if it means that I have to watch A eat yogurt and cereal..... ouch!

Those of you who know me, probably have a really good idea of just how many addictions I am currently kicking. There are at least 5 major ones. The cleanse has really helped to remove the physical cravings for these things, but this weekend I realized that I am currently a super bitch from hell.

My boyfriend is very patient. Evidence that he loves me very much.

Further evidence will show that my scale this morning told me I was down 4lbs. The cleanse is turning out to be a Great Success! And the bootcamp weight loss is just beginning!

- Brianne

Thursday, May 1, 2008

No Pain, No Gain

Day 4
Current pain level: manageable but deadly

Bootcamp is kicking my ass, and my ass is definitely paying for it. After day 1 I was sore, which made it hard to complete day 2, but then compounded with day 1's soreness, and then day 3 I was hobbling around but managed to get through it, and now day 4 is compounded exponentially from day 1's soreness. Tonight will be tough. I am somewhere between hell and dementia.

On day 1, one of the bootcampers had the nerve to ask "What if it rains, can we go indoors?"

HA! Captain Guns didn't even laugh before replying "This is bootcamp."

Yesterday it was 0 degrees windy and wet. Not nice.

However - there is no crying at bootcamp. No matter how cold. In fact, there is a rumor that the bootcamp goes straight through the winter...???

Apart from the soreness, I am really enjoying bootcamp. And some little part of me even enjoys the soreness. It's like some sort of gratification.

I promised some measurements but I haven't received my sheet back from Captain Guns yet. So I will improvise from what I can remember (or possibly have blocked from memory???)

Chest 38
Waist 34 (at belly button, not at the smallest part)
Hips 43
Weight 174

The day that these were taken I was also bloated from PMS and had started a cleanse that morning which may have had me retaining water. So their accuracy is not ensured.

At the end of 4 weeks my goal is:

10" loss all around
14lbs fat loss

Keeping in mind that I am also on a strict cleanse diet, this is completely attainable. My goal for the second month will be determined by the success of the first month. My overall goal is 150lbs 34-28-38. Wish me luck!

- Brianne