Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Down to the River

During our Nova Scotian visit, Bree and I decided to walk the dogs down to Sydney River. Our mission, to find koolaid for dying purposes, but that's a whole different story. Be sure to note the giant rose on the doorstep. Classy!

Our walk turned into a 2.5 hour trek. Luckily, no snow here yet so the going was light. We did find koolaid and the dogs were never as tired as when we arrived home. Isn't the way to Sydney River picturesque?


Allison said...

Is that shopping cart a lawn ornament or a residence?

Jessica said...

I can't tell who's cuter, the girls or the dogs!

Bree said...

i mapped our walk ... it was 5.2km ;)
also a sidenote: i took both dogs for a RUN (by myself) and scooped my very first poop... i was never more proud haha