Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Trick or Treat?

What a revealing chant: “Trick or Treat?”. But is Halloween candy really a treat? Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about the psychology tied up in junk food. How many times have you heard yourself justify an excessively sugary/fatty food by saying, “I deserve a little treat.” Why is it that we consider something so unhealthy as a reward for our good behaviour or even more strange, for our good eating habits? It’s all a trick, when you think about it.


Monday, October 22, 2007


I ran a full marathon!

Last Sunday, I ran the Toronto Marathon and it was amazing. Since it was my first marathon, and since I had only ever run 29K in my training, I was petrified I would not be able to finish the full 42K. Costin (my husband) was sweet and woke up earlier with me to take me to the starting line, even though it was 7am on a Sunday and the TTC was closed. He even tried remembered to bring his camera. It all felt very surreal when I was at the starting line. I kept thinking, “You are finally going to do it!” and it got me even more excited. I easily ran through the first 21K lovin’ my decision to purchase a tiny ipod shuffle instead of lugging around my larger nano. I was also happy that Mary, my younger sister and regular race partner (although, not this time), helped me make a race-specific play list. I highly recommend Bennie Benassi as well as some classic 90s club anthems like Mojo’s “The Music Sounds Better With You”. I also threw in some gangsta rap for good measure.

By the 35th kilometre mark, I thought I was going to die. Luckily, Derek (my brother-in-law), was running a leg of the marathon’s relay event and my sister and my cute nieces came out to cheer us on. I was surprised by how much my energy level rose when I saw them. Derek was even nice enough to run with me for a bit after his race and give me a pep talk. Things are a bit blurry after that until I hit King and University where there was a DJ pumping out JT’s “Sexy Back”. Up until that point I had been hobbling along, but I can always dig deeper for JT. By that point, I could see the Parliament buildings and I knew the finish line was just around the corner. When I hit Queen’s Park, I could saw Costin, Sue and Eden and heard them cheering me on. Of course I was my usually cocky self, even 41K in:

I finished in 4:27:50, which is faster than I estimated by 2:10. I was so happy to finish standing up and to have run most of the race. Thought, I wasn’t as happy the next day when I discovered that the average finishing time was 4:09:25 and that 64% of the participants had finished before me. Damn my Type-A personality! When Brianne started the Skinny Jeans collective in June, I only had one goal: Run a full marathon. New goal: Run a full marathon in under 4 hours.

Next I’m training for a half-marathon in May. I may run two of them, two weeks apart. Crazy? Always!


Saturday, October 20, 2007

PT Part Three

Jess has a good idea for motivation...That bikini could motivate anyone!

My motivation has been an upcoming vacation in New York City. After a very disappointing knee injury that took me out of the marathon I am registered for (booo), I booked a flight to New York to soothe the pain and meet up with some friends (and others..) So my trainer has been working me hard to prep both for a full knee recovery to fix my meniscus and also for a full weekend of gooooood times with lots of cardio (Holla Canadian dollar + New York couture).

To fit into said couture, I have been lunging, lifting, pushing, pulling, and sweating my way to a hot bod. I don't know why I waited so long to try out a trainer but it's seriously the best thing I've ever done. I have shrunk significantly into teeny tiny clothes and working little mini-dresses like a champ. I love having defined muscles yet still being able to chow down on food to make sure my energy levels stay up.

It does come with a price, and that price has been an hour of brutal gym torture. It's not fun. I don't like doing a million different types of sit-ups nor waking up at 5:45 to get to my 7am session. A couple of times I've come close to either passing out or puking in the beginning. Not nice.

Fortunately I've discovered the perfect post-workout treat. My gym features a sauna, a steam room and a cold room-whatever that is. The only thing that gets me through the entire hour of grueling torture is the thought of chilling out in the steam room before hitting a nice shower and then getting my butt to work with my cup of java. I am in love with the whole post-workout, endorphin pumped phase. Plus I indulge with a little yogurt popsicle (I stick a yogurt in the freezer and by the time I'm done my workout it's edible) to gnaw on once I get to my desk. I highly recommend frozen Activia (Raspberry!)

Right now I'm doing two mornings of personal training, 3 mornings of cardio, and 2 yoga classes. Hopefully I can keep that up at my hotel in Vegas this coming weekend (work trip) and not indulge in too many rich meals since they're "on the house". No Air Canada pizza either. I still haven't figured out how to get around the whole "no personal food on the plane" / not eating for the five+ hour flights I'm usually on. Any suggestions?


Thursday, October 18, 2007


Miraculously, I fit into my bridesmaid dress last weekend (see my blog for photo evidence). But it was a wake up call that I need to renew my Skinny Jeans vows! Other signs included seeing Brianne (fabulous!) and sitting beside a health guru guy on my flight back who said "Imagine if everyone ate fresh fruit and veggies like they ate chocolate bars!"

To follow-up on Brianne's note about requiring motivation, I have set some lofty goals for myself. In 5.5 months my cousin will be getting married in Mexico and I would like to fulfill the destiny of this bikini:When I bought it the girl said "it's like the one Halle Berry wore in James Bond!" Well, I now realize that the belt on Halle's was actually to hold her giant stabbing knife, so I think I'll skip that part and just go strait for the hot bod. ;)

The first week has been a success! Snacking on carrot sticks and hitting up the gym! I feel great!

Friday, October 12, 2007

I see Bree... she looks Glorious!

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls... This is the main event, the big kahuna, the end to my means... These are my brand spankin' new Silver skinny jeans, size 29w/34l. Bask in their GLORY!!!

I'm a skinny little bitch!

- Brianne

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Balls Out!

Okay, I have to be totally honest here. Before my training session I had no idea what to do with the above ball. That changed quickly. My trainer, who is an awesome gal from London, ON. just like me, had me doing things with the ball that I had never dreamed possible. Results? My abs are feeling the amazing burn today, and so are my quads, my thighs, my arms, and my lower back. She worked me hard and the high price was totally worth it. One day, 15 more sessions to go. By the end I expect to be a buff machine and given that I have finally had enough of ye olde addiction, a buff, fully-healthy machine that smells like delicious candy (I went around at work today and asked people to smell me, nice eh?)

So training session one now equals training session AMAZING. Bring on round two!

Although this morning's 6:45am yoga class was a bit much to start the day off with after training last night, but I had so much energy for the rest of the day that I definitely see the high value of morning exercise. Tomorrow it's more ball-on-ball action, and as Dave likes to put it, fully balls out.



After completing my first self-inflicted bootcamp in July/August, I dropped an amazing 14lbs and approximately 3-4 inches off my bust/waist/hips. Great Success!

As I sit here this morning manging my Apple Cinnamon coffee cake from Second Cup, I realize that I am allowing myself far too much dietary freedom. I haven't gained anything back, but if I was wondering why I haven't lost any additional poundage in my Gliding Bootcamp... I believe I now have my answer.

And I think, so what it's just one coffee cake. On top of yesterday's muffin, Sunday's chocolate bar, Saturday's french fries, Friday's pizza and Junior Mints, Thursday's chocolate covered raisins.... have I painted a sufficient picture?

I currently have no "goal" no target outfit no pending social engagement. Without the proper inspiration I am lost, and when I am lost I give in to far too many temptations :(

Does anyone have any inspirational ideas? I am desperate and snacky!

- Brianne