Wednesday, June 25, 2008

55 more days

Ok time to get serious here.

Help! I need some serious modivation. I have 55 days left till I'm on a beach in Hawaii. Now I know you're thinking, poor Tara... but really that gives me a solid 2 months to be beach ready. I have read the books. Bought every single solitary magazine on fitness and health. I have gone onto every website that has information on bodybuilding and I know all the equations to find out my proper caloric intakes and deficts. I'm practically a certified diet mathimagician. I know ALL there must be to know about my sought after beach bod. So I guess I've just used the past two months to prepare me and inform myself of what action I need to take for the next 55 days.

hmmm.. can it be done?

Anyone on board with me?


StevieP said...

Hmm I could use a challenge!! I'm not very good with the whole how much I should be eating / food journal thing but am pretty rockin' with the workouts!

Brianne said...

Tara: if you outline the plan I am on board! I am unemployed and I have nothing better to do than drink in the afternoon (re: current glass of wine is full).

I need help! I need motivation too!

We need a solid team system to make sure that no one falls off the wagon... I have no "destination" to prepare for.. but I want to look hot.