Monday, October 25, 2010

the Yogi Squat --- Brianne

I am a big fan of doing squats. Over the years squats have helped me re-gain strength in my injured knees and have been the driving force behind what I like to refer to as my "powerful thighs".  I even love the squatting powerful pose in my hot yoga class... I'm sick and twisted, I know.

So... obviously it irks me to no end that I cannot do this yoga pose. Try as I may to squeeze my powerful legs to hold myself upright - I cannot flatten my feet to the ground without falling over on my butt. This is my 2010 challenge (or what remains of my 2010 challenge). By the end of this year I want to put my feet flat on the ground without falling over and do the proper yogi squat!  Is anyone able to do this? Is it genetic? Is it secret? Is it safe?


Pinchie said...

This is one of the few poses I can do correctly. I think you should try it at the end of class when your hips are really warmed up and loose. Lean forward and put the weight into the balls of your feet.

Brianne said...

maybe I should try it post-pigeon. it is my goal to set both feet flat on the ground and not fall over before 2010 is over.