Monday, November 1, 2010

One small step for Brianne....

One giant step for my waistline! 

This morning I slipped into a pair of Levi's jeans that haven't fit in a long while. They aren't quite my skinny jeans, but they are a huge step in the right direction! Next I will conquer the Silver jeans, and then finally the Guess jeans that haven't fit in 3 years. That's right "skinny clothing drawer" - I'm coming for you!

What surprises me is that 1) we had a pizza and poutine dinner on Friday night 2) I drank an entire Growler to myself on Saturday and baked up some peanut butter chocolate chip cookies and 3) last night we scarfed down halloween candies while watching the Sunday night HBO lineup. 

How is this even possible? I am going to give full credit to Hot Yoga. And since it's been working so well for me, I am also going to take up my yoga studio's "30 Day Challenge" for the month of November. Last month's sticker count was only a whopping 17 - I can do better than that.

The Moksha Yoga studio is challenging its members to come to all 30 days worth of hot yoga classes for this month and I am going to giv'r shit. My goal is to do 25 at least - and for reaching this goal I am buying myself whatever I want from Lu Lu Lemon. Wish me luck!


Pinchie said...

I just cashed in my "Lu lu points" and got some Groove shorts. Costin also cashed in his points (he only needs to do 15 classes to get his reward) and got a sexy lu lu zip up. V. hawt.

Brianne said...

Jealous! I didn't do as many classes as I had set out to do - social plans always getting in the way of yoga lol! Maybe I can reward myself if I finish out the month... that will be 19 classes this month not bad, not great. :D