Saturday, January 26, 2013

Take it on Faith

My goal for 2013 is quite the opposite. In fact, I’m looking to fit into even bigger jeans, the kind with an elastic waist pouch that expands with a growing belly, then, hopefully, mom jeans. This is the year I’m going to breed (hopefully) my own batch of homebrew and finally bring home a baby. How can I say this after nearly four years of trying? Because Mother Nature can’t be that much of a jerk, right?

We learned that science failed us two weeks before Christmas after bad touching our wallet. Somehow we made it through the holiday season (drunkest Christmas ever) and have resolved ourselves to try, try again. While it’s been extremely difficult, we haven’t lost our faith that this will happen, that we are deserving people.

Take it on faith, my love
Baby just one time,
Bet your life on mine
Take it on faith, my love…
-Matt Mays 

In that spirit, I’m working towards slimming down a bit before throwing my body out of whack once again. The good news is I discovered a weight loss program that worked. I simply cut out alcohol for two+ months and pounds magically disappeared. So now every week, I have my own countdown to liquor day (night) and have been even more productive the other six nights. How have I been spending those six nights and very busy days? Glad you asked.

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realgir! said...

I totally think the faith is just as important as the science. I'm glad you guys found the strength to go for it again. Bring on the elastic jeans!