Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Even the cats are on a diet...

Why is it that it’s so challenging to stay slim in the winter? Not only is it hard to get to the gym, but my body is craving hearty food, like shepard’s pie and chocolate. After putting the cats on a diet yesterday, though, I feel guilty indulging. I'm also trying to get my butt to the gym more often now that the deluge of snow has temporarily disrupted my lunch time running schedule. One tip for those of you who are going back to the gym after a little siesta: lift lighter weights than you are used to. I had my first day back at Body Pump on Sunday and I tried to lift my regular (read: crazy) amount of weight. I made it through the tracks, but I couldn’t walk without my legs buckling for the next two days. I needed to do a spin before I could sit without wincing. I'm heading back tonight for more torture in an effort stave off the "bear preparing for hibernation" look that seems so popular these days.


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Stevie said...

I miss little Minchies! I have to see her before she goes all California.