Friday, January 18, 2008

2008 Not Up to Par so Far

With the fresh new beginning of 2008, I resolved to continue kicking butt at the gym and also find new ways of staying in shape. I'm still running and my knee's doing much better but it seemed my workout was lacking something it once had when I was young. Team sports!

So this winter, I joined an indoor soccer team with some friends from my office who are actually good at soccer. Given that I haven't played soccer since the sixth grade this should be an interesting ride! It's co-ed, but there are only two girls signed on so far (including me and Cappytaine Marnie-she's french but not really). Every Saturday, I'm going to attempt to kick a ball into the other team's net wearing my fancy retro number 11 jersey, new kicks, and new shin guards. We'll see if this results in a new appreciation for sports other than hockey.
Once I find out what exactly it means to "Bend it like Beckham", I hope by 2009 I will be able to actually do it. It sounds dirty so I'm all in.

And after the beating my body took with an entire week in Las Vegas, I need all the help I can get!



Bree said...

mmmm beckham.


Skinny Jeans Collective said...

I need to tape a photo like this on the treadmill display. Kinda like the carrot trick for horses.