Friday, July 11, 2008

Tara's 30 day body blitz

Ok Bri! Lets do this. Here is what I propose, it's a starting point. I have classes twice a week and like to go to at least a few extra in between. So this is on top of my 3 times at the gym a week.

1!!! Think Skinny Thoughts!!!!

2. Drinks are reserved for weekends.
3. Drink 2 litres of water.
4. Eat protien with every meal. Get 125 grms of protien a day (big metabolism booster)
5. Avoid processed food. This will be tough. But as long as I limit it, like if there's a buffet of food in front of me, just have a few bites of what I really want vs. constant picking at everything. I think there will be alot of temptation in the next few.
6. Everyday, do at least a 30 min walk.

Here is a link for fitday. I use this to track my carb, protien, fat ratio. I try to keep it pretty strict during the week. 50% protien, 30% carbs, 20% fats. If you get an account send me your journal link and we'll be accountable for each other. Here is mine

I need more tips. The drinking thing is hard, so i'm drinking soda water and vodka as a cleaner alternative. Add some limes, blueberries mint and sweetener and it's close to a mojito.

Did I mention I had a brownie for breakfast. hahah.. Extra 30 min walk today!! haha..


Al said...

I feel your pain Tara - I'm going to be on the beach tomorrow. The only consolation that I can give you is that most women think that they are bigger than they are. You probably look smokin' hot in your bikini right now. Anything you do between now and then is just bonus.

Thanks for the cocktail recipe!

Brianne said...

i have to admit i am enjoying an afternoon beer... i am such a cheater.