Tuesday, February 19, 2013

10 km Resolution Update

I heard somewhere that most resolutions take 6 weeks to be abandoned. I would theorize that this is because these resolutions try to tackle too large a change at once. Enter my anti-resolution. 6 weeks in and I have gone running exactly 4 times. This may seem discouraging for anyone else, but because I planned to take it slow my last run at 2 km puts me exactly where I planned to be. As well I have taken guilt out of the equation because I juggle a lot of priorities and making any progress in the exercise department is cause for celebration.

True confession: Through the magical powers of nursing a large-ish baby through the first four months of life, I have managed to get back into one of my skinnier pairs of jeans. However, with the focus being on health and wellness (skinny jeans are positive side-effect) there is still lots of room for improvement!

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Carrice said...

Way to hit that achievable goal! I like your realistic approach and commend you on setting small benchmarks. Keep up the great, hard work.