Friday, February 1, 2013

More than enough elbow room on Elbow Lake

With a rather blustery day behind us filled with warm temperatures, I caught myself dreaming of the colder days earlier in the week. Some kind ATV'er plowed a rink and a track on our local lake, Elbow Lake. We first went skating on Saturday and were the first to enjoy the new track. By Tuesday, I had been four times and could feel certain skating muscles you don't normally feel. I could tell the dogs were also tired of running around as they took to laying in the snow as opposed to running beside me. The weather is supposed to turn cold once once again and I, for one, cannot wait!

For fun, apparently, you can burn 475 ice skating for one hour.

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realgir! said...

Yay I love skating! One of those fun activities that actually does not feel like exercise for me. If only Calgary weather wasn't so up and down that our outdoor ice is always a crap shoot. And last time we went to the only refrigerated rink downtown, we got a gd parking ticket!