Saturday, September 15, 2007

Gliding = Pain

Quick Recap of the past month: my 30-day NO SUGAR bootcamp was a huge success! I lost a total of 14lbs in 30 days for a grand total of 20lbs lost since beginning my Skinny Jeans quest. I am now a VERY comfortable size 10 - in fact my size 10 Tek Pants that I paid $150 for at Club Monaco are now TOO BIG and I have to get them taken in. I also have a pair of the same pants in a size 12 but we won't even discuss those since they make me look like M.C Hammer.

Since my bootcamp I have definitely been indulging in some sugary treats and some foods that I should have thought twice about. But I haven't gained anything back and I am still holding strong at 160lbs and looking to lose more :) This brings us to my new Goal: to not jiggle anymore. I figured that I was focusing on numbers too much and numbers don't mean a whole lot anyway. So I am going to focus on my new rock hard body :)

The new fall Goodlife schedule has been released and there is a NEW BOOTCAMP! Namely, it is the Gliding bootcamp. Everyone knows how obsessed I am with bootcamps... so like a good little obsessive compulsive freak I took the afternoon off work so I could go. Firstly, I want to complain about the time of the bootcamp: Friday @ 1:00pm. Seriously? I have to rearrange my whole work week just to fit this in. However, it was well worth the late evenings on Wednesday and Thursday.

Gliding uses these 2 little discs on your feet or on your hands and pretty much you use them to slide into crazy positions and then you have to use all of your muscles to glide back into the starting position without falling flat on your face. It is FABULOUS! 45 minutes of pure hell - and I loved every minute of it. Even the crazy push ups that made me want to cry. Apparently this is the new workout that they are using in the army.

When I tried to get up this morning to go to Attack @ 10:30 I was shocked to find that I was unable to move my body. Every inch of my back is currently on fire. I cannot open my arms to give Evan a hug. My butt feels like it has been violated on several different levels. I can't wait for next Friday :)

- Brianne

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realgir! said...

I haven't been to the gym in so long I think they might have cancelled my membership :P But maybe I'll venture in to see if they have this gliding business in Calgary too!