Thursday, October 18, 2007


Miraculously, I fit into my bridesmaid dress last weekend (see my blog for photo evidence). But it was a wake up call that I need to renew my Skinny Jeans vows! Other signs included seeing Brianne (fabulous!) and sitting beside a health guru guy on my flight back who said "Imagine if everyone ate fresh fruit and veggies like they ate chocolate bars!"

To follow-up on Brianne's note about requiring motivation, I have set some lofty goals for myself. In 5.5 months my cousin will be getting married in Mexico and I would like to fulfill the destiny of this bikini:When I bought it the girl said "it's like the one Halle Berry wore in James Bond!" Well, I now realize that the belt on Halle's was actually to hold her giant stabbing knife, so I think I'll skip that part and just go strait for the hot bod. ;)

The first week has been a success! Snacking on carrot sticks and hitting up the gym! I feel great!


Bree said...

Jess you have the right idea! i am SOOOOO unmotivated right now... Perhaps I'll book a trip to the sunshine, which will force me to do it so that I too can rock a hot bikini... now I just have to find someone who has vacation time to come with :) hehe

Allison said...

That bikini is HOT LIKE FIRE! I remember seeing last year's pics of you in it on Facebook. Hot.