Tuesday, October 2, 2007


After completing my first self-inflicted bootcamp in July/August, I dropped an amazing 14lbs and approximately 3-4 inches off my bust/waist/hips. Great Success!

As I sit here this morning manging my Apple Cinnamon coffee cake from Second Cup, I realize that I am allowing myself far too much dietary freedom. I haven't gained anything back, but if I was wondering why I haven't lost any additional poundage in my Gliding Bootcamp... I believe I now have my answer.

And I think, so what it's just one coffee cake. On top of yesterday's muffin, Sunday's chocolate bar, Saturday's french fries, Friday's pizza and Junior Mints, Thursday's chocolate covered raisins.... have I painted a sufficient picture?

I currently have no "goal" no target outfit no pending social engagement. Without the proper inspiration I am lost, and when I am lost I give in to far too many temptations :(

Does anyone have any inspirational ideas? I am desperate and snacky!

- Brianne


Choochie said...

How about personal satisfaction? What about if you just worked out for yourself?

If that's not enough... how about being a hot maid of honour???

Anonymous said...

This week is the end of my own personal 6-week bingefest. Damage noticable.... but 'twas fun!


Bree said...

costin: how are you going to motivate yourself to get off the bingefest?