Thursday, May 1, 2008

No Pain, No Gain

Day 4
Current pain level: manageable but deadly

Bootcamp is kicking my ass, and my ass is definitely paying for it. After day 1 I was sore, which made it hard to complete day 2, but then compounded with day 1's soreness, and then day 3 I was hobbling around but managed to get through it, and now day 4 is compounded exponentially from day 1's soreness. Tonight will be tough. I am somewhere between hell and dementia.

On day 1, one of the bootcampers had the nerve to ask "What if it rains, can we go indoors?"

HA! Captain Guns didn't even laugh before replying "This is bootcamp."

Yesterday it was 0 degrees windy and wet. Not nice.

However - there is no crying at bootcamp. No matter how cold. In fact, there is a rumor that the bootcamp goes straight through the winter...???

Apart from the soreness, I am really enjoying bootcamp. And some little part of me even enjoys the soreness. It's like some sort of gratification.

I promised some measurements but I haven't received my sheet back from Captain Guns yet. So I will improvise from what I can remember (or possibly have blocked from memory???)

Chest 38
Waist 34 (at belly button, not at the smallest part)
Hips 43
Weight 174

The day that these were taken I was also bloated from PMS and had started a cleanse that morning which may have had me retaining water. So their accuracy is not ensured.

At the end of 4 weeks my goal is:

10" loss all around
14lbs fat loss

Keeping in mind that I am also on a strict cleanse diet, this is completely attainable. My goal for the second month will be determined by the success of the first month. My overall goal is 150lbs 34-28-38. Wish me luck!

- Brianne

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