Monday, May 5, 2008

Going Strong


When I first started this cleanse I really wasn't sure that I was going to be able to finish it. I was certain that eating this diet would eventually kill me, especially when doing bootcamp 5 days a week!

I have successfully made it through my first weekend - without cheating!

I watched my boyfriend E eat pizza, muffins, bread and other delicious things, and I didn't even flinch. OK that is a lie, I totally sat right next to him and sniffed it. But I didn't touch it!

I watched P drink wine - which wasn't as hard as I thought it would be.

On Friday at bootcamp the drill sergeant brought chocolates and I had to refuse, while everyone else enjoyed Laura Secords.

And this morning, when my roomie A told me that she had "added a few things to her cleanse" I was strong, and resolved that I would not cave. Even if it means that I have to watch A eat yogurt and cereal..... ouch!

Those of you who know me, probably have a really good idea of just how many addictions I am currently kicking. There are at least 5 major ones. The cleanse has really helped to remove the physical cravings for these things, but this weekend I realized that I am currently a super bitch from hell.

My boyfriend is very patient. Evidence that he loves me very much.

Further evidence will show that my scale this morning told me I was down 4lbs. The cleanse is turning out to be a Great Success! And the bootcamp weight loss is just beginning!

- Brianne


A said...

B, I would never eat those contraband food in front of you! There are currently Bugles in a bowl in the lunchroom at work. I have been strong.


Brianne said...

bugles are fried in coconut oil. the trans content alone would probably make my GI go into grease shock.

T said...

Not to mention that they are not tastey at all. All those grease monkey foods taste shitty if you eat them with your eyes closed. Especially in the morning when you can taste everything twice as strong. It's just salt and fake flavours. SICK!