Thursday, May 8, 2008

You can take my sugar, but you can't take my Starbucks

Here I am. Joining the fight for our right to fit back into our skinny jeans. I actually haven't busted out of my little jeans, yet. It's not a full blow out, however, I will be going to Hawaii in August and my goal is to feel really confident a la bikini. Here's my low down, for those who may not know me or my sob story.

I quite enjoy working out. I just got into instructing at the Goodlife. Like Ali, what I do good for my waistline at the gym, I make up for in drinkies. Which was fine for awhile. But lets face it. I will look alot better sober and kick ass skinny, then winky and silly drunk.

I just finished reading the Eating Clean Diet book, I'm moving onto the workout book in the series. I'm sure this is all stuff I know already, but bah, it's modivation. It's well written and I read each in a night or two. (I have the attention span of a puppy) So Miss Bri, and Ali I'm on board. Detoxes are fun :) But that's not what I'm doing for this week. I do them every 3 months and just did one a month ago so I should probably wait till just before August. So far I've been trying to follow the Clean Eating regime. Easy enough, eat every two-three hours (YAY!) Lots of fresh fruit and veg (cool, i'm good at that) No sugar.....

Do you know how sucky no sugar is. SUCKY! I can do fine for awhile. But what about starbucks? Good god, Lattes suck without their sugary syrupy devils food. Lastnight I tried... I really did. Knitting at the Old Rock.... Ordered their version of an Iced Latte mois syrup. GROSS!! I got them to add more esspresso, in hopes it would add flavour. Still GROSS! Since I don't drink aspertame or splenda (cause I don't feel like tumours or blindness) I had no other option but to add chocolate syrup.... mmmmmm

Brianne you're far tougher than me. I will stear clear of the sugar at all costs, but I draw the line at my Mistos.



Brianne said...

sugar is one of the hardest things for me to kick. i did it for one full month last year and the only reason i survived was because of aspertame and splenda.

I often went into second cup/starbucks and got a nonfat iced latte with a shot of sugar free syrup. It did the trick.

I am also addicted to diet coke.

carrice said...

Dear Sugar.
I love you.

ps. you're super sweet!
pps. i don't think we could stand to be apart anytime soon.