Monday, May 12, 2008

Frisbee Gymnastics

As part of our cardio workout during bootcamp, we will typically play Ultimate Frisbee. We use the length of a football field, and it is usually 3 on 3 so its a whole helluva lot of running around.

We were a little short on bootcampers today and so our game was 2 on 2 - lots of running!

Anyway, I was running full tilt to catch the frisbee, and I suppose the grass was a bit moist and my foot slipped on an exceptionally long stride and somehow I landed in full splits.

Well... there was a loud cracking noise when my groin reached its tipping point (my body's way of saying it isn't supposed to bend that way).

It probably hurt, but I was laughing so hard. I thought this shit only happened in movies?!

Hopefully I can walk tomorrow.... my current pain level is about a 6.

- Brianne


carrice said...

oh how we suffer for fashion.

T said...

Jeez!! How are you doing? I really hope you didn't pull your groin. That's the pits.

Brianne said...

i have pulled something... not exactly sure what though. sitting is horrible, and bending my knees like to squat down is just out of the question...yikes!

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