Wednesday, July 28, 2010


I've learned over the years that when it comes to fitness and losing weight that it is best to confess your failures and move on. Otherwise you end up dwelling on them and feeling guilty. I am here today to confess.

My name is Brianne and for 3-4 days every month I am a chocoholic.

My promise to put away the Kitchenaid was kept - sort of. I attempted cookies but my butter had gone bad and the cookies were a FAIL. The cookies went in the garbage - phew! Perhaps that was my Kitchenaid telling me that I should learn to keep my promises.

I wish that were the end of it. I must also confess to a box of Junior Mints - not the little box, the big box. And also a binge purchase of a tub of chocolate cappuccino frozen yogurt at the grocery store. Okay, at least I didn't get the full fat ice cream! However, I did eat the whole tub of frozen yogurt myself over the span of a few days. Bad girl.

I will also confess to 2 beers, but I had family in town so it was mandatory. Oh, and I was too busy to go to the gym yesterday and might not make it tonight due to errands.

Okay now that I have completely confessed I feel better and am ready to recommit - big time. Some of you may remember my "Sugar Free Summer of 2007" - it sounds bad but it was really good. Allie definitely remembers, and so does everyone at the Laalo wedding that summer who witnessed my "one cheat day for the wedding" with me sticking my fingers in the chocolate fountain. 

Anyway.... my point is that I have been contemplating a Sugar Free August - not just cakes and treats, but anything that contains sugar. This will include anything with an ingredients label that has "sugar" "glucose" "fructose" "corn syrup" etc. listed, and all simple sugars like anything made from non-whole grains.

It's kind of like a cleanse, without the actual cleanse kit. It seems extreme, but if anyone has done a proper cleanse before you will know that it's actually not THAT extreme. However most cleanses are only 1-2 weeks long.

Anyone feel like giving up sugar for August? You know you wanna!  Your digestive tract, your teeth and your belly will thank you :D


Stevie P. said...

You should try veganism for a month instead :D

Brianne said...

besides meat and dairy what else would I have to give up?

I'd be more likely to exclude meat than dairy - but the man protests when I go more than 2 days without including meat in the food cycle :D

Stevie P. said...

Anything at all with animal byproducts in it. I draw the line at honey ;)

Check out 'Skinny Bitch' if you ever want to give it a go. It's a fun resource.

Nothing dropped my extra weight like giving up the cheese though ;)

Brianne said...

cheese eh... i don't know if that is even possible for me haha.

i think i'm going to start with sugar and take it from there...

Brianne said...

PS I reserved a copy of some of the SKinny Bitch books at the library... I definitely will give them a read - there seem to be several of them - any recommendations?

realgir! said...

I read Skinny Bitch. I thought it might rekindle my previous veganism but it did not. I found it preachy and that they kept suggesting super duper processed alternatives to meat and dairy. For a different spin check out "In Defence of Food" by Michael Pollen.

Stevie said...

I loved Pollen's book as well as "Eating Animals" by Jonathan Safran Foer, so good.

Skinny Bitch somehow kicked my ass a bit - I needed some preachy little diatribe to get my interest back up I guess!

Brianne said...

i will see if the library has both of those alternatives and maybe i shall do a comparison study :D

Pinchie said...

I definitely remember the cleanse! In fact, yeseterday on the treadmill I had a cleanse style BE and thought of you. I know, romantic. (Note to self, I really am allergic to peppers, even roasted red peppers, and I cannot 'train myself' otherwise). I'm curious about your sugar challenged. In particular, I like the loophole that wine does not list its ingredients - does it count if 'I don't know' it has sugar in it?