Friday, July 16, 2010


Shame shame shame... it's been too long.  Stevie thanks for the nudge :D

SO here is my dilemma - for the last 2 years I've been hopelessly devoted to Kickboxing (in Sudbury) which I loved more than words.  I now live in Halifax and there isn't really a kickboxing place, but there's a boxing place but it's not close by.  Here are the pertinent details:

1) My transportation is unreliable.  Although we have a car, Evan works nights half the time so I am without wheels.  I do have a bike however I have found my resolve lacking when it comes to biking anywhere more than 2km because of the extreme upward incline most of the roads take...

2) After several years of trying to motivate myself, I am now resolved to the fact that if left to my own devices I am more likely to stay home and read/knit rather than work out.  Therefore I need some sort of facility that motivates me

3) The boxing gym is accross the harbour - not within biking distance due to the fact that if I had to bike all the way there I would likely not go. 

4) There are 2 option in my neighborhood - the Dartmouth Sportsplex which is awesome with its pool/track/arena/gym etc however it is $100/month.  My other option is to join a karate school but it would only be once a week.

So there we have it.  I have been debating this with myself for over 2 months now... and I still haven't made a decision.  All I know is that I need an adrenaline output immediately before I spontaneously combust - I am used to daily kickboxing workouts where I can punch and kick things hard.  Really hard. 

Ladies, I need someone to tell me what to do so that I can finally make a decision!



Allison said...

You emailed me about Goodlife. Is that still a possibility? Does it have hot yoga?

Brianne said...

no hot yoga at goodlife. and the goodlife by my house has NO good classes... in fact it sucks balls.

Choochie said...

I can't wait to become Queen of the Pirate Ship.

Are you in?

Brianne said...

Oh I am in and I get a handful of free passes for friends with my membership :D