Wednesday, July 21, 2010

My Muffin Tops

I’ll admit it, I’m a workaholic. Worst of all, I like money. Both of these factors have led to my extremely sedentary lifestyle. I wasn’t always like this. In fact, if you scroll down, you can read about my marathon training or how I was addicted to Group X classes at Goodlife. But since getting my first real job in January 2009, one with billable hour targets and utilization bonuses, I have been getting progressively “softer”.

In fact, I now have muffin tops. I’ve been in denial for a while, especially because they are still fairly easy to hide (if I’m vigilant of where my pants hit my waistline). But it’s dawning on me that this is how it starts – a little muffin top here, some butt cellulite there and before you know it, you are in a floral print moo-moo wondering how your fingers got too fat to dial for take-out.
In the past when I wanted to slim down, I would launch an obsessive work-out regiment, which is currently incompatible with my insane work schedule. Instead, I’m going to start with some baby steps which I will record here (along with the pictures of my muffin tops) for a sense of accountability and try to move toward a balance between work and life. Here are my goals for the next month:
  1. I will stop working by 7 pm.
  2. I will exercise 4 days/week for at least 1 hour
  3. I will substitute my glass of wine with a hot yoga class to distress after work.

  4. I will read this blog for inspiration.



Brianne said...

I will join you in your mission. Since leaving Sudbury and my world of kickboxing behind I have softened up on EI for a few months. Now that I am back in a work routine and armed with a gym membership I am ready to rock on.

1. I will put the Kitcheaid away - and stop buying butter so as to prohibit me from baking.

2. I will not eat any fast food - and limit myself to one junk food item per week.

3. I will hit the cardio 5 days a week and the weights 3 or 4 days a week - so that all my hard work at kickboxing doesn't slowly melt away into soft flab.

I'm not going to give up beer though - it's delicious.

Allison said...

Your resolutions are inspiring. Let's check in on Thursday next week to see how we did during the first week.

Stevie P. said...

I should post a picture of my tummy, which has been seeing too much of the beer and not enough of the crunching.