Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Battle Scars

Sunday, after shooting down all of the possible excuses not to, I went for the 13K run that would start off my marathon training. I really didn’t want to go but I really wanted to be able to say I ran a marathon more. It was overcast and muggy outside, and I was over dressed for the weather, but I continued along the canal at a very easy pace. I was surprised at the number of people cycling, rollerblading and running, but it was nice having people to nod at as we passed each other – especially other runners. When I mapped out the route, I didn’t realize that I would be running up to the locks by Carleton University, nor that I would be running through a wildlife park – mostly because I didn’t know that these things existed. I couldn’t have imagined a more gorgeous route. My body held up pretty well, too, considering I hadn’t run further than 10K in over a year. Aside from sore feet, I was rewarded for my efforts with these friction burns compliments of the house keys that were my shorts’ pocket. Mental note: must find new place to put keys while running.

- Allison


realgir! said...

When you said wildlife park, I thought maybe you got attacked by an over protective Mamma Goose! Those things are evil.

StevieP said...
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