Friday, June 22, 2007


I kicked my ass hard this week.

Monday - 3km Run
Tuesday - Spin class & 2km Run
Wednesday - Body Pump
Thursday - Body Combat
Friday - Body Pump
Saturday - rest
Sunday - we plan to pump

My biggest challenge: I upped my weight at Body Pump to 5kg on each side for Squats and Clean & Press! This is HUGE! When I first started I couldn't even do a proper squat, let alone with weight! So gratifying. Next I will conquer the lunges!

I showcased my extreme determination today. At 4:45 I realized that Body Pump @ Queen was at 5:00, not 5:30 as I had thought. There was slight panic as it takes 20 minutes to get there and I obviously was not going to make it as I was still at work. Now, there was also a 5:30 class at Hunt Club (which is in Nepean) but with the construction on the Queensway things were looking grim for today's workout.

Once again, Allie's sheer brilliance saved the day. Her 4:55 email read: "Body Pump @ Rideau 5:30" - thank god! Why hadn't I thought of this before?

Okay so I have 30 minutes to find Kristin (who is down on Bank street frantically searching for workout pants) and meet up with Allie who was leaving work. By 5:20 we're circling the Rideau parking lot (sooooo slowly) looking for parking. NO PARKING!

By now, Kristin has given up on today's workout completely. Allie is on the fence since she ran at lunch and didn't really care either way. It was ME who finally said "Dammit, I cannot let Allie have more stickers than me!"

When I jumped out of the car to run to class, Allie decided to come with me. Kristin had already long since decided that she would rather shop (who wouldn't?!). And so Allie and I pumped - HARD! The instructor was impressive.

I was surprised by my determination today. Very happily surprised. And I now have a sticker on the calendar!

- Brianne

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realgir! said...

This website is so timely! I realized that in two months it will be my 1 year anniversary of being SINGLE. Which means I will be attending my annual fishing trip, which means I have a certain boy I would like to drive crazy ;)

Can I be West Coast OSJ Rep? I went to my first PUMP class in months on Monday... only 2.5 kgs on each side, so I know how AWESOME it is that Bree cranked it up to 5!

I'll buy some stickers after the gym tonight :)