Thursday, June 28, 2007

Mr. George Foreman, would you please forgive me?

I bit the bullet recently, after receiving a stern warning from my doctor about my lack of meat-eating and my inability to eat enough different types of beans and tofu to keep my iron levels up, and started to eat meat again. This began in London, England where my vegetarianism was "poo-poo'd" by a large chorus of accented blokes and birds and lead to my chowing down on various animal cuts for the remainder of the week, including some harmless duck(!!) Upon my return, this meat-overdose actually lead to the new purchase of the George Foreman (G5!) grill. If I'm going to eat meat it better be from a lean, mean grilling machine!

However, my first night with George ended with me consuming two choice cuts of skinless, boneless chicken breasts. TWO. No side salad, no vegetables, no beans! Just two hunks of chicken parts. Perhaps this is a sign that I really missed the delicious bird. Thankfully I ran my butt off this morning at 5:30am for 7k. Until I get over this jet-lag business it looks like I'll be popping up at 5am with regularity. This will only help my working out and not help my social life if I keep passing out at 10pm on the nose. Now to restrain myself around the grill...

- Stevie

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Allison said...

I did the 5 am thing on Wednesday - it was tough with the oppressive humidity!