Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Gold Star!

Okay, so I’m the one who is starting her first blog today. After a grueling week of work, today is finally the day.

So this morning I went to my 3rd Weight Watchers weigh in. The thing everyone dreads the most, getting up- in front of others no less-and getting weighed. However, today was a day to celebrate. Today I reached my first goal of losing 5 pounds. Which caused for mini celebration for myself, but ended in hysterical laughter when I was given... a gold star sticker! With the number five proudly stamped in the center.

This immediately made me feel like I was back in kindergarten, but also makes you feel awesome that others are congratulating you on something that seems so minor. I also felt like I had cheated them because... it really wasn’t that hard. So the bar has been set and if everything goes along this path, I will be blogging in two weeks about losing 10 pounds. Which hopefully comes with some sort of bigger sticker or confetti. Who knows, but it looks like I’ll soon find out.

- Kristin


Al said...

If they don't throw confetti at you at Weight Watchers, I will!

realgir! said...

Way to go Kristin! Not sure how I feel about being weighed in front of others... Is that supposed to be motivation?

Skinny Jeans Collective said...

motivation... humiliation... same thing?

Stevie said...

Gold sticker systems are so effective!