Wednesday, June 27, 2007

it's a sad day...

After reading this article this morning in the Globe and Mail: More Fat Than A Big Mac
I wanted to cry.

The absolute horror that I felt to realize that I can no longer justify my indulgence in large bowls of delicious minty chocolate goodness.

When you read the side of the container and it says 250 calories... you think, gee that's not so bad. But when the article pointed out that the serving size is half a cup... half a cup! HALF A CUP?!?!?! Who on earth eats half a cup of delicious delicious fudge crackle mint chocolate ice cream???

If there is someone out there who honestly allows themselves this miniscule portion... I would like to know!
And with that, I bid adieu to my long favoured friend.... I will always love you!

- Brianne


realgir! said...

Thank God for my aversion to all things mint-chocolate. Besides, aren't frozen treats better when they contain tequila?

Skinny Jeans Collective said...

hahahah! Allie and I were just talking about the time Shane got you chocolate mint vegan ice treats.... we had a wicked giggle :)

frozen tequila treats.... mmmm margaritas!

Stevie said...

Oh my. I'm glad I don't like ice cream unless it's in cotton candy form. DON'T TELL ME THE NUTRITIONAL CONTENT!