Friday, June 22, 2007

Canadian Maple

I was one of those people who needed to fit into a size 8 wedding dress and worked out furiously to ensure it happened on THE day. Now, it is a month after THE day and as I power back a Tim Horton’s Canadian Maple Donut, I realized that I don’t want to go back to being the size 10 I was last August. Well, size 10 in wedding dresses; who knows what size I am in real life. Bree suspects a 6, but I think it really depends on where you are shopping. I’ve also decided to bite the bullet and finally run a full marathon, after repeatedly running half-marathons for the last five years. This will be difficult but I’m sure it will help keep me in my skinny jeans…especially if I avoid the donuts.

- Allison

P.S. I found this for you - it is specific to the Canadian Maple donut:

That is like 1/6 of my daily caloric intake. It is also 1/4 of my daily points if I was on Weight Watchers! EW!

- Brianne

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