Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Holding on!

So this is me, my tattoo and my skinny jeans. Please note that I am holding up my skinny jeans, which are a 27! Success!!

Also, while it heals, I've been rollerblading instead of running. The smooth, fluid motions make sure not to affect the scabs that are now healing up quite nicely and I bring a little towel to sweat-wipe every so often to ensure I don't get it soaked. It's worked so far! It also looks like it will be healed up enough to do my 14K this Saturday. We went from 16K to 14K as a beautiful treat this weekend!

In other news, I have filled in my registration forms and submitted for the Marine Corps Marathon in Washington, and my flights been booked for weeks. Washington, here I come!



Skinny Jeans Collective said...

Lookin' good Stevie! The tattoo looks crooked, is that just because of the way you're standing?

You should purchase skinnier jeans!

StevieP said...

It's the way I'm standing. Unfortunately it's made me aware of that fact that I have lopsided stature when trying to take a photo of myself!!

realgir! said...

With a little more butt crack you could look like the real thing!

Anonymous said...

needs more ray ... or man... or both