Thursday, August 9, 2007

Time To Finally Buy New Jeans?

K, after prolonging my posts forever. (Especially if you ask Bree). I have finally come back to blog!!! To date I have lost about
12lbs! And I have started to realize that constantly trying to shrink my jeans and many other things that.... it's just not cutting it. My recent financial situation is keeping me from going out to buy new jeans, but I'm happy to say that I have officially gone down a pant size!!!
And the best part of it, I feel awesome!! I have more energy than I have in years. I got out every morning for a nice rollerblade through the experimental farm (which sounds dangerous, but is actually quite pretty, and I have yet to come out with several extra arms). Like Stevie was saying in her post, I have embraced the workout of dance, although mine is a bit more cheezy! Months ago I bought these dance videos by coreographers who worked on videos from (a once non insane) Britney to Jennifer Lopez (does she still even exist?) They're cheesy and I feel like a 13 year old when I play them.. but hell, they're fun and you wouldn't believe how much of a sweat you work up doing them!
Today I will test out something that has scared me for a while BODY ATTACK!! Brianne and I are going to test out this intense sports training class today at 5:30. Hopefully we'll live through it!!



realgir! said...

Way to go Kris! I've done Body Attack a couple times with a really fun instructor. Unfortunately my bad knee doesn't like the high impact, but apparently you can burn up to 1,000 calories! The music is great and push-ups in the middle are killer... Good Luck!

Bree said...

I used to rock the DDR like nobody's business... I haven't done that in a long time....

Perhaps its time to bust out the dance mats again and giv'r at some Rock Lobster... :)