Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Smarter Decisions

My workouts have gone back to normal after the healing of the tattoo- a lot of running, some weight training, and hot yoga to stretch out the sore muscles. However, another form of exercise emerged Sunday night courtesy of the fine artists, Daft Punk. They played a show at Arrow Hall, and I danced my butt off for a few hours straight, then continued said dancing at The Orbit Room, care of cover band Stifler's Mom (totally amazing - Tavis Stanley of Thornley on lead guitar and vocals; Chris Caddell, formerly of Fefe Dobson, also on lead guitar and vocals; Derrick Brady of Hawksley Workman and Dodge Fiasco on bass guitar and vocals; and Eric Paul presently of Thornley, formerly of Big Sugar, Hawksley Workman, and Alannah Myles, on drums and vocals).

So all in all, I probably danced my tush off for 7 hours on Sunday night, sweating it up on the multiple dance floors. According to a calorie calculator, I burned 3,616 calories during said dancing. Combined with a 14K run that morning, I burned the fat right up.

So don't forget about a crazy night of dancing every so often to mix it up! My alcohol consumption that night was no match for the calorie burnage.

I also can't stop watching this girl for motivation:

My skinny jeans becoming my comfy loose jeans, it's time to buy a new pair! (Although to the rest of my skinny jeans crew, anyone else noticing that the smaller everything else gets, the bigger the boobs? Am I a freak of nature here?)

Until next time! Over and out.



realgir! said...

As of late that has been my only form of exercise! Thanks for the heads up that rocking the dance floor can help alleviate the beer-alories.

Bree said...

i definately have to disagree on the boobs. as the scale gets lower and lower i have been noticing that i no longer fill out my bras or my tops...

now, being a small-chested woman to begin with this is heartbreaking. it's a good thing Evan's a bum man :)