Wednesday, August 1, 2007


I received this email in my inbox overnight:

Dear Brianne,

Thanks for your interest in our show. Unfortunately, our casting is limited to the Vancouver
area since that is where our hosts, crew, and production facilities are located.


Missy McIntosh
Production Co-ordinator
Last 10lbs Boot Camp

Perhaps I can fly to Vancouver and live in a hotel for 4 weeks while I go to Boot Camp? I wonder if I could get that much time off work?

- Brianne


StevieP said...


realgir! said...

Is there a concentration of people only 10 pounds overweight in Vancouver? I don't get it.

Al said...

Because I live with you, I can testify to your obsession with this show. But I didn't know you actually contacted them! Maybe I could set up a little boot camp program for you. I would good in some camo gear, a crochet camo hat, screeming into a mega phone (One chocolate creme brule! Two chocolate creme brules!). Let's plan something after Costin leaves.