Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Marathon Training Fun Facts

When I talked to marathon runners about training, they often told me to expect chafing. I heard stories of chafing under the arms and from the men, the horrors of nipple chafing (which I experienced the day I forgot my running bra). But not a single person told me I may get chafing on my tender bits, nor did they tell me that the chafing would only become apparent when I got in the shower and the water dissolved the salty sweat which ran into the wound and ignited a pain unlike any I had ever experienced. I wonder what will be chafed after can't get any worse!



Anonymous said...

is it wrong that after checking out that site i wanted to pull it? ... cuz i did... i'm just saying .. that's all


Bree said...

dearest daddy you never cease to make me laugh :)

StevieP said...

Oh my, I too experienced the same chafing but thought it was just a result of me poor life decisions until I realized it was the 20K BURN.