Saturday, August 11, 2007

No Need to Fear the Attack!

On Thursday I did something brave. Something unheard of. Something that no sane person would even consider.

I have previously blogged about doing the "double" (two one-hour fitness classes back to back) and I have even blogged about pulling off the "triple" (three one-hour fitness classes back to back). These doubles and triples consisted of Body Pump, Body Step, RPM, Body Combat, Body Flow, Body Jam, Exercise Ball classes or even 5-7km runs. Never in my life had I even attempted a SINGLE Body Attack class let alone as part of a double.

I was feeling frisky; I was motivated; I was temporarily insane! I was going to do the BODY PUMP -> BODY ATTACK combo... what was I thinking?

I completed the Body Pump class first - as I have learned in the past few months that Body Pump is best done before cardio, because if you try to do it after cardio your body tends to wobble and your knees can give out.

And so began Body Attack... 2 minutes into track one I could already feel the sweat trickling down my back and I was dying for water. To fill you in a little, Body Attack is an extreme sports-based fitness class that pushes your endurance and strength. It is filled with jogging with your knees to your chest, burpies, jumping jacks, squats, pushups, running, and many many sports-related moves. 8 of the 11 tracks are cardio, 2 are strength building and one is a cooldown. This was probably the most insane class I have ever done. And I estimate that it burned over 1000 calories. Combined with the Preliminary Body Pump class I probably burned about 1300-1500 calories on Thursday. Woot!

For my first Body Attack class, I really must say that I DOMINATED! I'm pretty sure that if I hadn't put my hand up at the beginning to identify myself as a newby that no one would have been the wiser :)

Did I love every minute of it: Yes.
Did I hurt the next day: Yes.
Will I be doing it again next week: Yes.
Will I be slipping into my skinny jeans by next month: Fuck Yeah!

UPDATE: I am now 26 days strong without sugar (excluding the creme brulee), and I weighed in at 166lbs on Wednesday. My first target was to hit 160lbs before August 18th and I am still on track to make that goal. Wish me luck!

- Brianne


Anonymous said...

Body Attack??

try ... Body massage

Bree said...

body massage machine~!