Tuesday, July 31, 2007


15 days and I'm holding strong against the relentless, yet delicious, culprit: SUGAR! There have been days of agonizing pain as I watch Evan power back butter tarts and chocolate bars. In fact, just last night Kristin (of Skinny Jeans) brought contraband into my apartment - chocolate peanut butter contraband!!!

I have managed to fool myself into thinking that plain, non-fat yogurt is actually dessert and that an apple is better than chips. I feel good, really good, in fact the scale feels good too! I am now down 10 full pounds since mid-June when we started the Skinny Jeans. The sugarless diet is responsible for at least 6 of these pounds. Woot!

I am now officially obsessed with....

I have located the email address for the casting director, and will now bombard them with emails until they start accepting applicants from Ontario! They currently only take applicants from Vancouver! Not even the whole province, just the city! It is now going to be my mission to get my ass kicked by Tommy and Nadeen.

- Brianne

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