Wednesday, July 18, 2007


I've been watching too much Slice. In particular, I've been watching too much "Last 10lbs Boot Camp". In fact, I tried to find out how to apply for the show ...but I just couldn't find the email address!

So, I'm starting my OWN last 10lbs boot camp! In exactly 30 days I am attending a wedding in St. Catharines and I want to look H-O-T! So, I'm mandating a strict diet & exercise regimen to boot camp my booty.

In June I found a dress in my closet that I wore on my 19th birthday (why do I still have this?) - Allison actually wore it out dancing one night last month. It looked fabulous on her. It didn't look quite so fabulous on me.

Anyone who's seen the Last 10lbs Boot Camp knows that there is always a "target outfit". Yes ladies (and gentlemen?), I am going to make this teeny tiny size 6 little black dress my target outfit. Am I crazy? Possibly.
Today was t-minus 30 days, and it was a fabulous day. I dragged Kristin to the gym with me for a scandalous double of Body Pump and Body Step. I also managed not to drink any wine or eat any contraband (ie: junk food, in particular junior mints).
29 more fabulous days to go! :)
- Brianne

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Al said...

If I recall correctly, on the show, they get them to buy a new outfit. I think we should go shopping.