Saturday, July 14, 2007

The Triple

Allison and I have been using a sticker system to keep track of our workouts on our home calendar. Each sticker represents either a class at the gym, a run or any other cardio of at least 45 minutes.

Previously, we have attempted the "double" - one Body Pump class followed by one Spin class. The double can be both terrifying and exhilerating at the same time.

As you can see, last Sunday I did the Body Step & Body Flow double - the t.v. and ice cream are my stickers :) You will also notice that on Tuesday there is a ridiculous number of stickers...

I decided to attempt what seemed like the impossible: the triple. I ran 5km on the treadmill, then did the Body Jam class, followed by the Body Pump class. It was 3 hours of hell but I was determined to pull it off. During Body Pump I could feel my knees starting to tremble during the squat track (why did I put so much weight on the bar?) and the lunge track nearly made me keel over. But I did it - in full!

Although the picture is a few days old and the stickers are not up to date, I will have you know that I also pulled off a double yesterday - Body Step & Body Pump. It was fabulous!

In other news, I have a pair of white shorts that I bought last summer in size 8. I tried them on in May and I could not get them done up. Yesterday I had this urge to try them on again. I try to resist these urges because sometimes the aftermath is detrimental, but something told me the results would be good. The pants fit over my butt and I was able to do them up (zipper and all!) - but they are still a little tight so maybe 2 more weeks and I'll be strutting my hot ass in white shorts all over town. ;)
- Brianne


StevieP said...

That calendar is serious business. Good work ladies! I am going to have to implement the calendar scorecard!

Also, I'm doing a double today because I feel so inspired! Spinning / Yoga combo. Feel the power!

Choochie said...

That is seriously hardcore!
Keep up the great work!