Wednesday, July 18, 2007

I Bonked.

Today I bonked, and I bonked really, really hard. In case you're getting strange, pervy ideas, know this:

"Bonk has long been a colloquial term, slightly jocular in its connotation, meaning sexual intercourse, but has recently become more commonly used as a jargon term by endurance athletes, primarily cyclists and long-distance runners, to describe a condition when the athlete suddenly loses energy and fatigue sets in, usually caused when glycogen stores in the liver and muscles are depleted, resulting in a major performance drop."-Wikipedia (The Athena of the Internet)

Sure, it used to mean sex but us athletes have re-purposed it for our own twisted usage. Nothing wrong with that! While running my late evening run, after a lunch spent lifting weights and doing abs, I suddenly completely froze up. There I was, running up Bathurst street towards Bloor when all of my joints froze. My back tightened, my neck spasmed, and my eyes felt incredibly heavy. I thought this was punishment for a week with my good old friend alcohol but really it was just my body telling me that I need to up my caloric intake with something that doesn't begin with R and end with YE.

So there I was on Bathurst, completely frozen. Some man actually asked if I was okay, but I couldn't even see him because he looked like a purple alien. I think I uttered a "mrrawwwwwww" noise when my body began to function again. Rather than sit down and relax after such a strong bonk, I put the nikes to the asphalt and bolted on out of there in embarrassment. Today was not a successful day for running.

I made it back home and made sure to lie flat on my back for awhile until the weird hues disappeared from my eyeballs. Welcome to marathon training, section PAIN. We'll see how I do tomorrow, though I think a nice quiet session of hot yoga is just what the doctor ordered.

**I am now completely on a week-long detox. Cleanse suggestions are also welcome. This summer I have been partying more than I did when I was in first year, and my body is no longer 19. Note to self.

- Stevie


Bree said...

I can't believe you bonked! I have yet to workout so hard that my body fails me...

How long was the run you were doing?

Allison said...

Funny, after I bonk on a run, I usually crave alcohol.