Saturday, July 7, 2007

The Scale Is My Friend

I had 2 great posts planned out for this week. Last weekend camping really wiped me out and so I was too lazy to post all week. I would post them today, but the accompanying pictures are on my computer and I've given Allie and Costin the apartment for the weekend because I'm awesome.

Not to worry though, I have thought of a third post! Yesterday I stood on the scale (a rare occurrence) and the number was a whole 4 digits less than last time! 4 whole digits! After 4 days of beer (a keg of beer), wine, cheesie poofs, guacamole, burgers, sausages, bbq pork and BIRTHDAY CAKES (plural, yes!) I still managed to kick my own ass!

How did this happen? Last Thursday I was taken out for birthday lunch TWICE and I did not hit the gym afterward... I was sure I was a goner. In compensation, hit the gym for 2 hours on Friday before we left Ottawa, and 2 hours on Saturday before we took the boat to Guyland. 2 stickers for each day! I guess it also helped that Richard made me haul wood for an hour on Sunday... and then spent Monday kayaking on Ramsey. However, the amount of beer and wine would have far outweighed any physical activity.

Yesterday, I also realized that I am now at 15kg (33lbs!!!!) for my Body Pump squats. My Body Pump addiction is still running strong. Today I also plan to try my first Body STEP class at 10am... When I think of step classes I think of middle aged house wives in leggings and body suits. Perhaps I should invest in a similar outfit?

- Brianne


Choochie said...

way to kick ass, Ass Kicker!
Sounds like Op Skinny J is working in your favour.

Rodrigo said...

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Al said...

We need a new scale. I'm sure you are really 14 lbs less than last time.

Bree said...

that would be the best news ever!
perhaps a new battery would do the trick? that battery has been in there since... ohhhh 2003?

realgir! said...

Who is the spanish guy? and its probably the same scale we had when we lived together Brit!

Bree said...

INDEED! it is the same scale as when we lived together in 2003 --- coincidently, i believe that it is also the same battery.

I'm not sure who mr.spanish man is but he's funny because he's random :)