Sunday, July 22, 2007

The Loop

With some gentle encouragement from Allison, I set out yesterday to run the full loop around the canal (approximately 8km not including the hills). At first I was skeptical of my ability to complete this run as it will be the farthest I have ever run at once. On top of that, it was 30 degrees and full afternoon sunshine.

This is the route:

I amazed myself with my determination to complete the run - and I completed it in approximately 1 hour. I still am unable to run straight through, I stop about every 10 minutes to walk and catch my breath. The course was actually quite nice, lots of things around to keep the mind occupied. Now, there were probably 5-6 hills that probably pushed the course between 8.5-9km and the map does not take these into consideration.

I am also now on day 6 sans-booze and sans-junkfood. On Friday I resisted temptation when Costin and Kristin powered back some tasty chips (in sympathy, amazing Allison did not partake in the chips, thanks Al!). I also resisted temptation on Saturday night at a BBQ where there was beer and wine consumption (Kristin also avoided the hooch in solidarity). It's actually getting easier I think - I've tricked myself into thinking that plain lowfat yogurt is a tasty treat! If only it could get me drunk.... ;)

- Brianne

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StevieP said...

Good job Bree! So proud of you!