Friday, July 20, 2007

PMS + Conference = no training and poor diet

I haven’t trained since the 16K I ran last Saturday and I’ve been eating complete garbage all week at the conference including alcohol, a Caramilk bar AND an entire chocolate croissant. DAMN PMS! It’s no wonder I am fat and have a zit with its own gravitational pull.

I did try to run Monday. I even used, the best website ever, to map what I thought was an 8K run around Mount Royal. I began to suspect I was wrong about the “around” part after a 20 minute vertical climb. After 40 minutes, I stopped at a scenic look out to catch my breath and tried to stay long enough to see one of the raccoons bite the tourist who was trying to feed it a chocolate bar. It’s like I’m being haunted by chocolate. The sun was setting and the bugs had come out, so I thought it would probably best to run back down the way I had come and not continue up the mountain. That 8K measurement was definitely “as the crow flies”. Every other running attempt was thwarted by "networking" opportunities which inevitably included fatty food and booze.

To make up for my week of sloth, I am going to join Bree and Kris for a double (step and body pump) even though the last thing I want to do is squeeze my bloated, beached whale body into an outfit that will surely accentuate my burgeoning muffin tops.



StevieP said...

Oh my, that was my week before this one! I even ate a 14oz steak and gorged on mini kobe beef burgers. Oh my oh my.

Fortunately this week I stepped up and made a major bounce back. Especially good since the back will be art on Monday! WOOO!

Bree said...

Al, even the insinuation of you being fat is just utterly wrong. The comparison of you to a whale... I'm just not seeing it.