Tuesday, July 3, 2007

So after a weekend of dancing, fun, and some major running I have these very weird pains in both my legs that are similar to the growing pains I experienced as a child. Now I would write this off entirely as "too much running, not enough stretching", but really it's been two days of the same type of pain and I can't stop thinking that I may become a gigantress soon. This could be in response to the many "you're tiny" comments I received while in England. My body is either trying to prove itself by growing very tall or its really breaking down at the realization that the Marine Corps Marathon is only four months away.

Four Months? I am supposed to run 42.2Km in four months? Why did I sign up for this again?

Oh yes. The Marines.

I have a tiny crush on men in uniform. Okay, a large pounding crush on men in uniform. I love them. So for them I am dedicating my 42.2km run straight into their waiting arms. I even had some Marines I met in San Diego promise to be there and they can't break this promise since it's as good as a Scout's Honour in my books. How can I make this leg pain go away so that I can be ready for this?? Ice doesn't really cut it for entire legs throbbing away in large amounts of pain and I'm not even mentioning the fact that my butt is slowly getting in on this pain as if it were sad to be missing out on all the action. Perhaps it's time to stop consuming copious amounts of gin on long weekends and ripping it up on the dance floor late into the night. That's it, I'm blaming the gin. But what is a health freak to do when there is no way in flaming helicopters that they are giving up the delicious taste of alcohol? Here are some tips I found on the vast interweb:

  • Try alternating alcoholic drinks with low calorie non-alcoholic drinks or water.
  • Ask for low calorie / diet mixers where possible.
  • Make your wine into a spritzer (a longer drink), or your lager into a shandy - both have fewer calories.
  • Substitute your "alcopop" for a shot of spirit and a low calorie mixer - about a quarter of the calories! (I don't know what this alcopop is, but I want one).
  • Plan your alcohol into your daily calorie quota so you can enjoy a glass or two. If you know you will be drinking during the weekend, try to save some calories each day in advance, so you can eat normally before you go out.
  • Don't be tempted to skip meals to allow for drinks, as alcohol won't satisfy your hunger. In fact, alcohol lowers blood sugar levels (it prevents sugar that is normally stored in the liver, as glycogen, from breaking down). A drop in blood sugar levels sends signals to the brain you are hungry. With alcohol in your system, willpower can go out of the window and the snack attacks kick in. Eating a proper meal before you go out will line your stomach and slow the rate at which alcohol absorbs into your bloodstream, keeping you in control of how much you eat and drink.

Why is this all so grim?

I need a drink.



Allison said...

Your leg pains do not sound nice at all. I'm wondering about the benefits of rest and massage, especially if ice doesn't help. Although, you could try the icing technique used by the main character of "Stick It". It looks effective.

realgir! said...

I love that you used the adjective "pounding" for the noun "crush".