Sunday, July 29, 2007

It's the Humidity That Kills Ya

You've heard of hot yoga. Well. Hot about hot bush hikes?

This morning, I dragged Toby and the dogs out to Uisage Ban Falls (Ish-ka-ban, silly Gaelic). It's set to storm later today. We've also had the pleasure of a heat wave for the past week. So you can imagine the humidity going on in this Nova Scotian forest.
It was a pleasant hike, only 1 hour altogether. The bridge was out or we could've walked more! Rocks were slippery, dogs were in the water, and i had some major SWASS and SWEAVAGE by the end.
So I guess it does pay to chase waterfalls... we finally found one!


Bree said...

to decrease the swass buildup you can try some workout pants :)

realgir! said...

Carrice you're so classy... I always called it "SWITS" :)