Thursday, July 26, 2007

I need some help!

After getting this:
I am trying to find some low impact workouts so that I can still stay in shape while it's healing. (It looks a little crooked, but it's because I was turned slightly. I assure you, my artist did a phenomenal job!)

So what low impact, non-stretchy, non-rubby workouts can I do while it heals? I'm even worried about running and sweating too much during the scabbing process!



Bree said...

spin might work... but you would get really sweaty.
you could rollerblade? the sweat is generally kept to a minimum due to the breeze of rolling at a medium pace ;)
are you going to be able to keep up with your marathon training?

StevieP said...

Of course! I booked my flight, so I'm fully committed!

A week off won't hurt too much. I plan to be up and running next week, but have been sitting on my butt this week and am feeling it! Ugh!

Choochie said...

bellydancing is the only thing that can save you now!
i know it's not as "hardcore" as other workouts, but you could be surprised.

StevieP said...

That's a good idea! Now to find a bellydancing class...

Al said...

What's wrong with running? Just wear a mid riff top so the air can dry up the sweat.

realgir! said...

man, this is a hard one stevie! Push-ups?

StevieP said...

I have found the solution! Rollerblading!

Running made it rub and stretch funny against my shirt, so I stayed away for a bit. Hitting the pavement with my feet was too much of an impact!

It's healing up very nicely, so running will be back on soon!